Success Story of Kiki Gumelar the "Chocodot" Owner

Starting from a small business with a capital of Rp16 million , Kiki Gumelar started his business in the city which is famous for dodol , Garut . Business also inseparable from innovation to make lunkhead . Now , Kiki also has felt the result of his hard work . Business now has turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars . He was known as a pioneer in innovation "Chocodot" aka chocolate lunkhead content . Kiki said , he started his business in early 2009 ." That will and sincere intentions and hard work is the key in the business world . Imagine , at that time I was only with the 16 million dollars that I borrowed through a loan at one bank . I am very optimistic that Garut has great potential in business . So , I am willing to get out of the office where I work . I am sure that this is where I would hang my life , namely business ' Chocodot ' , " said Kiki .What they have learned today, said Kiki , was not free from a variety of obstacles and hurdles . The result , in addition to growing the business , Kiki also received an award from the Ministry of Industry " SME Food Award 2010 " . More recently , he also managed to get an award at the event " Niche Product International Competition at Tutto Food Milan Italy" ." I feel what I do not maximized because still have to learn and continue to be creative , " he said .Although it has hundreds cokeat with a unique aroma and flavor produced by Kiki , he was not satisfied to explore the potential that exists in Garut . Garut city at some point mounted billboards and banners with Kiki face that reads " Stop Plagiarism " ." In the business world there is a competition of course . However , we must address the competition as a motivation for us to continue to work hard and be creative . Billboard in me just remind people , especially Garut and young business people in the Garut so just be yourself , not plagiarism . reason, the key to success of a business or business is we have to be yourself because being yourself is the key to creativity and appreciate the work of others , " he said

Cat is always the funniest pet

Cat is always the funniest pet. Who is comment no? If you sure with your statement, check the picture below
Penguin Style
Huge cat
Relax man...
Love Formation
Im Steady
Computer Maniac Cat

Where is End of the Rainbow?

As we know the rainbow is always beautifull looking. A half of beauty colors cyrcle drawed on the sky. But do we know where the end of the rainbow? Some people says at the end of the rainbow we will find gold treasure. Is it right? so how we know the end of the rainbow to get it?
This picture can explain where the end of the rainbow

Solution NicEdit WYSIWYG Editor Upload Image Locally

NicEdit is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for websites. Its is to be as simple and fast as possible for users of your application. NicEdit is extremely lightweight and can be easily integrated in any site with minimal impact while providing visitors an effective means to express themselves in rich text.

But at the latest version of NicEdit just can upload images to imgurl hosting. It's could be a problem for developers who want to working under localhost (own PC) without any Internet Connection.

Now there is one solution to disolve that problem. Courious?